Freight Car Friday – Waffles, Anyone?

Lionel Trains

Boxcars come in all shapes and sizes. While they may seem the same, boxcars are often built with special features to help with specific loads. Often these devices are visible only on the inside of the car, but sometimes you can spot them without having to look at the markings or inside the doors.

The "waffle side" cars featured protrusions on the exterior which held load tie-downs on the interior. Some railroads used boxcars as rolling billboards with dynamic graphics. The “waffle side” cars feature distinctive sides. The added texture makes a bold color scheme like this quite a challenge for the paint shop!

So called “Waffle-side” boxcars are one of those unique designs. Exterior post boxcars (sometimes called “rib-sided” by modelers) offer a smooth wall on the inside of the car, with the support posts on the outside of the side sheets.

But this also comes at the expense of a little bit of cubic capacity inside the car. Since most loads in these cars are already packed on pallets or other special racks, the…

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