Freight Car Friday – Magor Car

Lionel Trains

The Magor Car Corporation may not be the best known of America’s car builders, but it had many important achievements to its credit in its sixty-five year history. Located in Clifton, New Jersey, the builder produced everything from diminutive narrow gauge cars for export to record-breaking covered hoppers.

dump car Still hard at work in 2013, Magor built 50 of these side dump cars for the Chicago & Northwestern in 1965. Dump cars were a major part of Magor’s business.

Early History

What would become Magor Car began as an 1899 partnership between Basil Magor and Robert Wonham. In 1902 the two men incorporated as the Wonham-Magor Engineering Works. That company would become Magor Car Company in 1910 and Magor Car Corporation in 1917. Incidentally, it’s properly pronounced “May-gor.”

The new company emerged at a pivotal time in the history of car builders. 1899 saw the consolidation of thirteen smaller builders into

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