Freight Car Friday – Beer Cars

Lionel Trains

As the days are getting longer and warmer, the thought of finishing this “Freight Car Friday night” with a cold beer is probably starting to sound pretty good! And chances are good that your beer had a ride on the rails on its way to the tap.

Schlitz The brightly decorated “Billboard Reefers” advertised their wares as they traveled.

Compared to the history of brewing, railroads are just a young upstart. But the expansion of railroad networks in the Nineteenth Century had a tremendous impact on the making of beer. Like most other products, the ability to move large quantities of raw materials and finished goods over greater distances at reduced costs allowed brewers to grow from local blends to national brands.

Brewers could now buy barley by the boxcar – and ship their beer in new refrigerated cars to thirsty markets all over North America. It did not take long for the…

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