New Product Spotlight – Albert Hall Train Set

Lionel Trains

Fans of our Hogwarts Express train have been asking us to deliver the locomotive in a more prototypical scheme. With the sleek lines and brilliant colors of this British steam locomotive, it’s no wonder.

Albert Hall Bring the class and elegance of British rails home with the Albert Hall set.

The Great Western’s Hall Class enjoyed a long production and career. In total, 259 of the 4-6-0s were built between 1924 and 1943. Additional locomotives of a modified design to cope with diminished coal quality were built up until 1950. The Ten Wheelers found service in both passenger and freight assignments.

All but one of the locomotives (destroyed during World War II) passed from the Great Western to the unified British Railways in 1948. All were retired from active service by 1965. Eleven have been preserved, including No. 4983, the Albert Hall.  Well, at least partially!

combine The chocolate and cream colors of the coaches are the perfect complement to…

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