Freight Car Friday – Asphalt Cars

Lionel Trains

Spring is finally here and road crews across the country are busy patching potholes and repaving roads. The asphalt that paves our roads often takes its first trip on the rails.

asphalt tank car GATX 89282 carries a load of asphalt. Judging from the paint burned from the top of the car, those “HOT” warning placards are well heeded.

The car of choice of course for asphalt service is the tank car. Despite similar exterior appearances, tank cars are among the most specialized rail cars due to the unique qualities of the different loads they carry. Asphalt service tank cars are typically in the 23,000 to 26,0000 gallon capacity size and are insulated and heated. Both for heat retention and to minimize the weathering effects of the load, black is the paint color of choice. When loaded, asphalt cars carry “HOT” placards.

utlx tank This UTLX tank is in asphalt service for only a few months. An outer…

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