Freight Car Friday – PS-2 2003 Covered Hoppers

Lionel Trains

Like their PS-1 boxcars, PS-5 gondolas and other car designs, Pullman Standard applied the PS-2 classification to all of its covered hoppers. Pullman Standard built covered hoppers in many sizes and configurations. But say “PS-2” to most modelers and it is this particular car that usually first comes to mind. The 2003 cubic foot car was one of the first, smallest and prolific of the PS-2 cars.

PS-2 The PS-2 is one of the most familiar covered hoppers in railroading, This former Pennsy car was placed in company service by Penn Central and continued in this role well into the Conrail era before being preserved at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania. Although used to haul sand, the yellow “S” actually stands for “Stores” a holdover from PRR practice.

Pullman began building its standardized freight car designs with the PS-1 boxcar in 1947. Next up would be a standard covered hopper –…

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