Freight Car Friday – Pressurized Covered Hoppers

Lionel Trains

Covered hoppers can be used for a great variety of loads. Some of these loads can be a little stubborn when it’s time to be unloaded. Pressure differential, or more commonly referred to as simply “pressurized” covered hoppers are one of the more common modifications to facilitate unloading these commodities.

PD 3000 BCAX 10241, a NACC PD-3000 model, is on the smaller scale for pressurized covered hoppers. These can be found hauling cement, lime, talk, caustic soda and similar materials.

Pressurized covered hoppers come in all shapes and sizes. Like other conventional cars, their size and capacity is tailored to the density of the load. This maximizes payload while staying within the weight limits of the trucks. The size and number of roof hatches, angle of the slope sheets and sides of the car and size of the discharge outlets can also vary according to the specific needs of the shipper. And…

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