Freight Car Friday – Spine Cars

Lionel Trains

Articulated “spine cars” are a common sight on North American mainlines today as they carry trailers and containers in priority intermodal trains. While their use has exploded in recent decades, the history of this “bare bones” car goes back much further.

skeleton car The skeleton log car was more efficient in mountain operations.

The earliest spine cars weren’t used to haul trailers or containers. In fact, they were about as far from the high-speed freight intermodal market as you could get! Used by logging companies as early as the late Nineteenth Century, the basic spine car offered a vehicle with a minimum light weight and easy unloading of large logs.

Simple to build, these cars were not much more than trucks and a center frame or “spine.” Cross beams over the truck helped support the log loads. Stacked and chained down at the logging camp, once the logs arrived at the mill…

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