MTH runs better then Lionel

Originally posted on Legacy Station blog – Trains on my Brain

We have some MTH locomotives working on our layout over the last year and we are amazed at the way they just keep going. With minor maintenance and lubrication, they seem to last forever. If you like to run your trains a lot you might want to take a look at these.

Penn 4-6-0 #7082 4-6-0 Steam Loco. Odometer is 3354.3 Scale Miles. Chronometer is 143:22:20 hours. This loco is from a MTH Starter Set, and is an great deal with the lighted detailed cars.

Christmas Express #25 4-6-0 Steam Loco Odometer 2609.4 miles and 79:42:50 hours. From the MTH Starter set and another bargain.

Santa Fe F3 #24 Odometer 2620.7 miles and 74:18:50 hours, another bargain from the MTH Ready to Run set.–with-Proto-Sound-3.0.html

Union Pacific #1253 4-6-0 Steam Loco is the Champion! Odometer 4877.2 miles and 232:49:20 Hours.

We have run this one so much you can’t get the set anymore, but it comes from a MTH ready to run set.

For the money, you just can not beat a MTH Ready to Run Starter set.ebay





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