Freight Car Friday – American Car and Foundry

Lionel Trains

Once a month throughout 2014 we’ll spotlight the history of one of America’s freight car builders here on Freight Car Friday. These companies have a rich history that is as interesting as the railroads they serve. American Car and Foundry (ACF Industries today) can trace its heritage back to 1899 and beyond with the inclusion of builders it has acquired over the years.

Early History

Like many of today’s large companies, American Car and Foundry’s family tree has roots in many different rail car makers. American Car and Foundry was created in 1899 as the consolidation of 13 railcar manufacturers. The history of these companies dates back as far as 1861. In 1898, their combined production was the equivalent of more than half of all of the freight cars not built by the railroads themselves.

AC&F’s predecessors had a wide range of specialties. Murray, Dougal and Company of Milton, Pennsylvania…

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