New Product Spotlight – LCS Sensor Track

Lionel Trains

We’re always working on ways to help you get the most out of your model trains. The new LCS SensorTrack™ will open even more options for control, effects, automation, and of course, fun! The SensorTrack™ is one part of our LCS System which will help you put the control of your entire layout in the palm of your hand. As with the introduction of any new technology like LCS, we know there will be questions. Here are answers to those we’ve heard most frequently.

What is the SensorTrack?

LCS SensorTrack™ is a 5” straight FasTrack section equipped with an infra-red receiver. This receiver reads data beamed out of all Lionel LEGACY and VISION locomotives that are equipped with an infra-red transmitter. When a compatible locomotive crosses a SensorTrack™, engine details like TMCC ID, road name, number, engine type, lighting options, fuel levels and direction of travel are retrieved by the…

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